Windows 8: It’s time to love that ugly duckling (in a Speedo)

In my line of work, I hear a lot of complaints.  If people have nothing better to do, they will complain about something.  Recently with the release of Windows 8 from Microsoft, the throng of complaints and ovations of “I want Windows 7 back” have been ringing loud and clear from the computing villagers.  What is funny is that many of the pitchfork and torch crowd are the ones cried the same song when Windows 7 came out.  Give me XP or give me death.

As the Occasional Guru, I have been long overdue addressing the village people on Windows 8, but please don’t lynch me, because I love Windows 8.

Windows 8 is best described as a dive by Microsoft into new waters with their flagship operating system.  Rather than be a beautiful, graceful, and choreographed double helix half bend double bledsoe sow cow pike into pristine waters with nary a splash, it was a like a 350 pound couch potato gaming nerd hipster doing a colossal cannonball into the deep water while wearing a Speedo.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary.  Necessary for Microsoft, and necessary for us.  Why, because the computing waters have changed.  With the advent of the iPhone and iPad, Apple made the first inroads into the “your content everywhere” and “multiple devices, one user” paradigm that is shifting computing forever.  Microsoft made the plunge too, but not as pretty.  But that is what Apple does.  And that is what Microsoft does.

Microsoft knew the dive was awkward, but in form released Windows 8.1 as an upgrade and life at the pool has improved.  It still is wearing a Speedo, but this Guru will help you understand the beauty of this ugly duckling.

Next time…