I am The Occasional Guru.  I work in tech, specialize in developing must have and how did you do that solutions and ideas.  In life and work I like to have fun, kick of conversations, and poke the bear on occasion.  Aspiring world changer, disruptive programmer, leader, funk metal maestro, and bacon expert.

Below is my Linked In profile text which is a bit over the top, but hey I only have your for 15 seconds before you go back to Facebook….

Passion, enthusiasm, energy combined with creativity, imagination, and the courage to disrupt the norm are things that no one should leave at home when going to work.
My name is Mike Moegling and I love what I do and enjoy bringing enthusiasm and energy into the projects and people I work with daily. Deeply and personally, I value and hold fast to things hard work, being relevant, staying current, being creative, and never giving up.

It is no secret that business is moving faster than ever, which requires Information Technology professionals to be sharper, driven to a greater degree than ever, and willing to stretch to new levels of expertise. It is not about going the extra mile, but going the distance. It is both the journey and the destination for me.

It is no longer reasonable to be a single source resource. To excel at the speed of business it is imperative to bring skill, expertise, talent, and the mastery of skills such as project management, IT strategy, business analysis, and multi-platform expertise.

These are the words I live and seek to work by.


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