I will pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today

On Hamburgers…

Kicking off my new home for The Occasional Guru right now.  I write about all kinds of things and I hope I can be your occasional guru.

Instead of tech, it is about hamburgers.  A really good one.  The best one found in Akron Ohio if you ask me. Now there are those gigantic hoss burgers that like a roast on a bun that you can’t even take a reasonable bite out of.  Those often make the top 5 in the burger lists.

Then there are the bacon orgies where if you add enough bacon, they will come.

Farm raised local, grass fed, happy bovine volunteers who result in primo ground chuck.  Low fat, pretzel bun, minced onions, and special sauce.  You understand.

For me, the best hamburger is the pride of Akron, Swenson’s Galley Boy.  It is the right size, has the right components, is cooked to order, and they will run it to your car.  The Galley Boy.  The best burger in Akron, and maybe Ohio.  Because it is just right in all the burger ways.


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